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90 minute learning experience on 8 business challenges.

an infographic about ages in the shape of a brain

Making Learning Stick

Embed learning to boost the skills of your team.

Answer 1st

The Minto Pyramid made simple. Sharing and presenting complex information in a solutions focussed, evidence based way.

an infographic illustration of navigating a spiderweb of squares

Navigating The Matrix

Functioning and leading more effectively in today’s complex and chaotic organisations.

a cartoon illustration of a red helicopter

The Art of Remote Leadership

Leading disparate teams in a hybrid world.

a cartoon illustration showing a woman rising above the line in an infographic

Rising Above The Line

Getting results through individual and organisational accountability.

a cartoon illustration of a man with a whiteboard pen drawing a graph

Principles of Story Telling

Shape the culture, set the direction and build connection.

a drawing of three icons representing creativity including a lightbulb, pencil and cogwheels

Designing with People in Mind

A human-centred mindset for creative problem solving.

an illustration of the human anatomy showing nerves to indicate staying calm under pressure

Calm Under Pressure

Challenge handling skills for powerful presentations

an illustration of a blue 3d hierarchal pyramid

Connect To Your Purpose

Tap into why you do what you do as a source of motivation and purpose.