Learning Journeys

We all know that the best training or development experiences are those that we remember. It may be a tool or a model that made the difference. It could have been the story shared or an exchange with a colleague that prompted a new insight. These are “the golden nuggets” that we never forget. We call these times “sticky learning moments” and we are experts at building these for our clients.

illustration of a man with a head and cogwheel to symbolise learning

About Learning Journeys

How we can help.

Each learning journey is tailored to individual business needs. We create a timeline that is interlinked with a myriad of learning experiences: simulations; skill bites; lectures; team or group coaching; development pods and role play. These are all facilitated by our awesome Sladen Family who get to know the business, culture and team challenge. They highlight insights and encourage them to be practiced, baking them into everyday behaviour, thus making them memorable, sticky and valuable.