High Performing Teams

We have hundreds of years of combined experience and collective knowledge working inside and alongside truly high performing teams; we have observed, studied and researched such teams in all sorts of environments – elite sports, special forces, front line emergency workers as well as organisations of all sizes. One thing we know is that being in a High Performing Team is not easy. There is disagreement, competition and ego. It is just that in a high performing team these things are recognized, made visible, and openly discussed. These normal, human traits are used to pull the team together – especially when things get tough.

an illustration of a team celebrating in a cup

About High Performing Teams

How we can help.

We believe we have co-defined what it takes to build and operate in a High Performing Team - the secret ingredients that are common amongst all such groups. We would love to share our nine principles of a High Performing Team. In addition, our six-step guide is used around the world in a tool we call the Team Compass. This compass helps teams create a common vision, ways of working and a deep understanding of each other – these are the ingredients needed to grow and sustain trust.

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