Strategy is NOT a document… is the aspiration, the thinking and the actions. It is the grabbing of opportunities, it is the dreams and the drive, head and heart, making things happen and overcoming certain roadblocks in your way.  Connecting the dots with where you came from, where you are and where you want to be!

Practicing what we preach we have carried out our own Sladen Consulting strategy exercise based on a simple yet powerful and straightforward methodology called ’Strategy Explorer’ by Dr Stefan Pastuszka.

Reading our own ‘Big Strategy Sentence’ that came to life at the end made us proud and shed a tear. We are going to hold ourselves accountable for living this strategy and checking in with it on a very regular basis.

In addition to this methodology we are frequently using a visual engagement process to co-create an impactful strategy together with our clients. We will share more on this tool in an upcoming post.
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