We love and value the SCARF (it's also good at keeping us warm in winter!) model (based on work by David Roc). It identifies five factors that can impact Psychological Safety - Status. Certainty. Autonomy. Relatedness. Fairness.

Using this simple tool allows us to more easily remember, recognise, and flex our thinking and behaviour. This allows us to impact the culture where openness, transparency and trust can thrive. What is sometimes holding you back or driving you forward?

Sustainable Projects

Sustainability isn’t just about lowering our carbon footprints, using less plastic or planting more trees. It’s also about supporting one another, taking care of our communities and understanding other peoples’ situations. Here, Richard Colley explains how the projects we are working on fall under the Sustainability umbrella and why this is such a positive thing.

The 4Ds of Productivity

Have you considered applying the 4Ds of productivity to your 'to do' list? Plot your projects according to Business Value and Complexity and this will help you decide whether to Do, Delay, Discard or Delegate.

We find this useful not just for work, but also in our home lives.  Get plotting!

Breaking News

Wow! What a year we continue to experience.  Highs and lows.  Tears of joy and sadness.  But today we are thrilled that our eyes are brimming with tears of joy.  Please watch our video to find out our latest news…