Infographic showing how we look at the world

How we look at the world

Infographic showing how we look at the world

Intuitively this picture paints a very clear view, and also appetite, when we look at the world at the moment.

There seems to be so much more ‘polarising of views’ – it’s black or white, win or lose. Look at the current horrendous conflicts, the sustainability agenda, the rise of new tech including AI.

Never before have we needed to come together so much to resolve our biggest differences. So how do we even start to understand, as the picture eludes – ‘what we are missing’?

Sometimes we can feel powerless. Insignificant in the big scheme of things. So here are some tips to help:

1. Start with self!
2. Listen first
3. Ask more questions
4. Try really hard to view things from another perspective

Really simple right? NO WAY ….. especially when we already have a view, or we are talking about something that we are passionate about.

So, we would like to add a fifth point

5. Bite you tongue, count to ten, or sleep on it.

Don’t be rash!

Networking at the CGN Summit

Can you spot Sonja Skopp on stage?

This week our dream team of Sonja SkoppRichard ColleySue Firth and Pip Clarke went to the The Consultancy Growth Network Annual Summit in London – how exciting to be able to mix and mingle with nearly 200 other Consultancy founders, owners, directors and take in numerous of ideas, thoughts, tips and tricks of like-minded people how you can best work in and on your business and build a sustainable future for your teams and your firm. Some brilliant inspirational speakers!

As a special treat – Thanks to Marc Jantzen and his team – Sonja was invited on stage to showcase Sladen Consulting in a panel discussion alongside 3 other members, Mark GriceMatt A. and Megan Taylor – sharing the past, present and future of Sladen Consulting and how it got intertwined with her own story.

Buzzing after this whole packed day we went home with new exciting opportunities for future partnerships, and also had time to catch up with our many friends in the network. It feels so much less lonely when you know who you can get in touch with and share a thought or a question.

A few ‘precious insights’ that we took away:
– Each and every tiny conversation can lead to something new and surprising
– Play to the strengths of each of your team members
– Build long-lasting trusting relationships
– Work on the uniqueness of your solutions

Thank you CGN for another great event – we know what it means to rock a show like this! Kudos to all the team!

Infographic about emotion and decision making

Emotion and it's effect on decision making

Infographic about emotion and decision making

Oh man!! We recognise this.

It’s so easy to let our emotions run away with us, especially when the stakes are high or relationships important – both at work and at home.

And in these situations, our ability to have a healthy dialogue, lead important result-oriented conversations and come to clear decisions is limited.

Counterproductive but absolutely normal.

Here are 3 of our top tips to reduce the emotional dip and keep the decision power in check – play with both levers and test it.

– Be even more curious. Ask for clarity to seek understanding. Listen.
– Keep the big picture in mind and stay with the correct perspective.
– Take a break and breathe. Practice self-awareness. Get away from it for 5 to 10 minutes.

– Separate the emotions from facts. Focus on the data.
– Stick to your agreed framework or process.
– Seek advice of a trusted colleague before you decide.

What are your top tips in case you are running into this in your next meeting?

Infographic showing journey round iceberg to shift mindset

Shifting Mindset

Infographic showing journey round iceberg to shift mindset

Oooh we love an iceberg – an often used metaphor.

Here we would like to share how your mindset drives your actions.

Your actions are on the surface – the place where the cute penguins hang out! This is your behaviour, how we are seen in the world. The words we use and the body language we display.

Reactive behaviour is impulsive and automatic, and can often be seen as negative. It involves reacting to situations without much thought or conscious consideration, often driven by emotions, instincts, and habits.

Whereas, conscious behaviour involves deliberate and thoughtful decision-making, being proactive and mindful and taking responsibility for your actions, generally a much more positive place to be!

Our iceberg (and we recognise it in our own behaviour) shows that we can exhibit both reactive and conscious behaviours at different times and in various situations. Developing a more conscious mindset often involves self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and a willingness to pause and reflect before reacting to external stimuli. It can lead to more intentional decision-making and personal growth.

So, as you look at this metaphor what insights occur for you.

Welcome to Iris Birnkammer

Iris Birnkammer

Please join us in saying an enormous and warm HELLO to Iris Birnkammer as she officially joins the Sladen family! We are beyond excited.

At Sladen Consulting we are all about fostering involvement, celebrating mutuality, unlocking human potential, embracing rebelliousness and championing sustainability.

With Iris joining our crew, we are adding even more energy, passion, ideas and sparkle to the people and projects we touch- making individuals and teams thrive at the interface between science, business performance and human skills.

Let’s ride more waves together in the future and push boundaries.

Welcome aboard, Iris!

Photo of Sonja Skopp

Fabulous Facilitation!

AND …..ITS A WRAP! (Well for this week… 🤣)

And what a couple of days it has been for a ‘week in the life of Sladen Consulting‘. Multiple events, across many regions and continents as well as in our virtual world.

Creativity, action, no PowerPoint mixed with world class facilitation all go to build an environment where insightful and impactful conversations flourish!

By ditching mobile phones and being present, removing tables and throwing in the odd beanbag (even in a virtual setting!) we often find the veneer drops. People speak with honesty and from their hearts. Tough topics can be debated in a healthy manner, brains untangled, solutions co-created and meaningful paths forward agreed. Relationships tighten and trust grows.

We love these events and salute all our Sladen Family members who have been out in the world for us this last week- Pip ClarkeClare Moore, Rachel Nuttall, Romaine JOHNSTONE, ORSCC, PCC, ACTCSimone DouaniSue FirthHelen BeckinghamJeremy Grogono, Doug Cameron, Richard Colley and Sonja Skopp – THANK YOU wonderful team -we are proud!

Infographic Good days and Bad day

Good days and bad days

Infographic Good days and Bad day

Good days and bad are very close together. And this is the case for most of us.

This week has showed us in the Sladen Consulting crew again how important it is to have family, friends and a team that help you to put things into perspective.

So our advice is: grab your phone and call somebody if you feel you need to get something off your chest or talk it through AND grab your phone to check in with somebody that you haven’t been in touch with for a while!

And after supporting and caring for somebody that is having a bad day, the relationship will often be even deeper and stronger!

infographic showing ideal plan versus reality

Plan V Reality

infographic showing ideal plan versus reality

Does this picture resonate? It most certainly does for us here at Sladen Consulting!

We like a plan.  Especially one that is simple, clear, and specific.  What could possibly go wrong?

More often than not things come out of the woodwork, the unforeseen happens, change occurs that is out of our control.

Sometimes we’ve got to go backwards to go forwards.

Sometimes we’re going slower, or even we could be going too fast.

There are bear traps and hazards littered throughout the path.  This is the reality of the execution of a strategy.

We’ve learned to expect the unexpected, by supporting one another, talking early, being nimble, and acting at pace helps overcome these obstacles.

In addition, we always have an eye on the end goal and celebrate mini successes (and the big ones!).

These are some of the things that help us navigate the reality of executing our well thought out plans.

Infographic showing KPI

Key Performance Indicators

Infographic showing KPI

Most of our long-standing clients know our triangle of success – to achieve superior results an equal focus needs to be put on processes as well relationships/ people.
Often we find it easier to focus on the processes: it seems more tangible and easier to measure and we see a change right away after a new system, decision tree or governance structure is implemented and followed.

And more often than not the real step change is made and movements created by a closer look on the relationship side.
Are we transparent and communicate openly so that our teams feel Informed and genuinely interested?
Are we building strong bonds of trust and have confidence in our teams to involve them in shaping our vision, strategy and decisions?

Most people that we have met get truly inspired and show a sparkle in their eyes when they feel they are the ones that move the needle. Because they have the autonomy, the empowerment, the trust and the confidence to make a difference and are appreciated for their individual contributions.

What is your secret ingredient to keep people inspired?

Infographic showing Butterfly Fund purpose

The Sladen Butterfly Fund

Infographic showing Butterfly Fund purpose

What gets you up in the morning?

Here at Sladen Consulting what gets us up in the morning is a daily opportunity to contribute to saving our planet. Embracing the 2030 United Nations’ Agenda for Sustainable Development we’re focusing on supporting two of the Sustainable Development Goals: Goal #6 Clean Water and Sanitation and Goal #14 Life below water.

To act upon these two special goals, 2% of revenue from all of our contracts goes into our Butterfly Fund. This fund is used to give our services to charities that cannot otherwise afford them.

That’s us giving what we do best to charities that are doing their best for the environment.

Are you one of these cool charities across the globe that addresses these two SDG goals and would really benefit from our services? Or do you know of a charity who could?

If it’s a yes please get in touch by emailing

Let’s create a positive ripple effect together!