Infographic showing journey round iceberg to shift mindset

Oooh we love an iceberg – an often used metaphor.

Here we would like to share how your mindset drives your actions.

Your actions are on the surface – the place where the cute penguins hang out! This is your behaviour, how we are seen in the world. The words we use and the body language we display.

Reactive behaviour is impulsive and automatic, and can often be seen as negative. It involves reacting to situations without much thought or conscious consideration, often driven by emotions, instincts, and habits.

Whereas, conscious behaviour involves deliberate and thoughtful decision-making, being proactive and mindful and taking responsibility for your actions, generally a much more positive place to be!

Our iceberg (and we recognise it in our own behaviour) shows that we can exhibit both reactive and conscious behaviours at different times and in various situations. Developing a more conscious mindset often involves self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and a willingness to pause and reflect before reacting to external stimuli. It can lead to more intentional decision-making and personal growth.

So, as you look at this metaphor what insights occur for you.