Infographic showing how we look at the world

Intuitively this picture paints a very clear view, and also appetite, when we look at the world at the moment.

There seems to be so much more ‘polarising of views’ – it’s black or white, win or lose. Look at the current horrendous conflicts, the sustainability agenda, the rise of new tech including AI.

Never before have we needed to come together so much to resolve our biggest differences. So how do we even start to understand, as the picture eludes – ‘what we are missing’?

Sometimes we can feel powerless. Insignificant in the big scheme of things. So here are some tips to help:

1. Start with self!
2. Listen first
3. Ask more questions
4. Try really hard to view things from another perspective

Really simple right? NO WAY ….. especially when we already have a view, or we are talking about something that we are passionate about.

So, we would like to add a fifth point

5. Bite you tongue, count to ten, or sleep on it.

Don’t be rash!