AND …..ITS A WRAP! (Well for this week… 🤣)

And what a couple of days it has been for a ‘week in the life of Sladen Consulting‘. Multiple events, across many regions and continents as well as in our virtual world.

Creativity, action, no PowerPoint mixed with world class facilitation all go to build an environment where insightful and impactful conversations flourish!

By ditching mobile phones and being present, removing tables and throwing in the odd beanbag (even in a virtual setting!) we often find the veneer drops. People speak with honesty and from their hearts. Tough topics can be debated in a healthy manner, brains untangled, solutions co-created and meaningful paths forward agreed. Relationships tighten and trust grows.

We love these events and salute all our Sladen Family members who have been out in the world for us this last week- Pip ClarkeClare Moore, Rachel Nuttall, Romaine JOHNSTONE, ORSCC, PCC, ACTCSimone DouaniSue FirthHelen BeckinghamJeremy Grogono, Doug Cameron, Richard Colley and Sonja Skopp – THANK YOU wonderful team -we are proud!