Vision is NOT just a sentence plus an emotive photo.

It’s a picture and aspiration in the ‘mind’s eye’ that is a beautiful place in the future. A place that is rich with detail, colourful and vibrant.

It tells ‘micro stories’ and shows what people are doing, how they are feeling and what they are saying.

The picture answers the questions:
Why I should go there?
What can I do to support?
What will it be like?
How does it make me feel?

It draws people in, makes their knees shake, creates an emotional feeling – we also call it ‘zing‘!

These visions take time and collective thought and healthy debate to create and this week that is exactly what we have been doing.

Get ready for the big reveal of our Sladen Consulting Vision and Strategy picture in a few months!! We are tirelessly working on it with a brilliant internal team!