In her past Sonja Skopp was a Chief of Staff (COS). She would never have imagined to have the privilege of having one herself one day.

At the end of this month Julia Stephenson will have been in this role for Sladen Consulting for 90 days – supporting Richard Colley and Sonja Skopp (we still do not know why she has been mad enough to raise her hand for this adventure!).

This is to give Kudos and show appreciation to Julia for having absorbed this role in such a brilliant way.

Being the confidant to Sonja, Richard and our ‘Hub team’, being the communicator linking the leadership team and the broader organisation, being an integrator that connects dreams, theoretical ideas, work streams and the reality as well as being a first alert system having her eyes and ears everywhere to pick up the vibes of the Sladen family. It is about juggling many balls!

Sonja very much loved to be a COS and we know that Julia does as well. We could not be in a better place to shape the future together!