I love this funny and thought provoking video.  I see both ‘Big Bird’ and ‘Little Bird’ behaviours – and to be honest I also can fall into both camps.  
I love ‘Big Bird’!  Big Birds could be a good idea, thought or initiative.  They are created and delivered from a place of positive intent.  They are ‘can do’ and generally collaborative.  They are trying to help and be solution orientated.
I also recognise ‘Little Bird’ behaviour.  They are NOT bad people just perhaps fearful of change or worried that they cant take on ’MORE STUFF”.  They say things like ‘here we go again yet another initiative’, ’this will never work’ or ’they don’t know what it’s really like’. The most disrupting ‘Little Bird’ behaviour is falling into being passive aggressive – saying one thing but doing another or just not speaking up at all!
This video helps me to try and spot my own behaviours and be more ‘Big Bird’.  What are your insights or reflections?